Hyperlocal, Rapid Response, Logistics

Photo by Nowshad Arefin on Unsplash

Casc-Aid is an operating model supported by a technology platform that enables hyperlocal, rapid response, logistics to citizens. Built by the team behind the Relief Riders, a network of 700 volunteers across 9 cities delivering essentials to people during the pandemic. Its a solution that has delivered essentials to more than 1000 people in just 20 days with an average turnaround time thats quicker than a commercial delivery partner. The platform enables request logging, tracking responses, back office operations and collaboration with other orgs using the map dashboard.

If you are an organisation delivering emergency response or accelerating sustainable development goals, join the partners we already have on board to collaborate and increase your reach. We can help you setup the command center and get you going in 30 mins.


The command center allows you to identify and pinpoint help nearby. It cuts down response time and builds networks of people who help. The platform is built on the principle of "closest people first".

Rapid Response

The operating model builds networks between requesters and responders to cut down response time. "Time to respond" is very valuable in emergencies.


The platform allows a range of services to be published. From emergency items, transportation to consultation services. It helps identify third party providers who can respond in an open way by having access to requesters.


Use the chat at the bottom of this site or write to @Casc Aid bot on Telegram to reach the partners.
Relief Riders use the platform to deliver essentials to the elderly and vulnerable during the COVID pandemic across 9 cities with 700 volunteers
Dakshas is piloting this platform with select partners to deliver COVID relief services to remote villages across the country